The first DI worthy of the Rheingold Name.


Add a new Dimension to your Tone.

The DI1 is more than just a simple DI box. It is a tool that, once part of your rig, you'll never want to miss onstage or in the studio. Besides sounding amazing, it offers a handful of practical features that you won't want once the DI1 becomes part of your setup.

World-Class Sound.

Finest handmade components tailored to our demanding specifications mean that the DI1 provides super clean and three-dimensional sound and beautifully opens up the full harmonic spectrum of your instrument's tone. Not only that, but it will also make sure that that stellar tone can be sent through several hundreds of meters worth of cables without signal loss or interference. Now, your rig will sound fantastic both through your amp and the front-of-house system.

A handy Tool for your Pedalboard.

The DI1 can be powered by 48v Phantom Power from any mixer or preamp, any standard 9v power supply (like our KRAFT3) and even a single 9v battery. The integrated mute foot switch allows you to silently tune or switch instruments on the fly while the side-mounted in- and outputs make sure that the DI1 can sit on your board like any other pedal.


This is where your DI belongs: On your Pedalboard.

With its side mounted connectors, the ability to accept power from any common 9v power supply, and its handy mute switch the DI1 will become a tool you'll never want to miss when performing on stage or tracking in the studio.

Handmade in Germany.

See how our pedal-sized products are lovingly handcrafted in Duisburg, Germany.



  • Handmade German transformer guarantees highest-quality sound with stellar dynamic range and industry-leading harmonic clarity
  • Side-mounted connectors make it easy to place on any pedalboard
  • Operates on 48v phantom power, any standard 9v power supply or 9v battery
  • Mute switch for silent tuning or instrument switching
  • Ground lift switch to eliminate ground-related interference
  • Durable all-aluminum case with scratch-resistant black coating
  • Heavy duty, replaceable XLR output
  • Power LED
  • Handmade in Germany
  • 5-year Rheingold Warranty